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7x7 Canopy Tent

The 7 x7 Canopy Tent is a best-in-class Tent for enthusiasts experiences and times, with its innovative slant leg pop-up Canopy and adjustable carry bag, this Tent is best-in-the-class for the 7 x7 Canopy Tent is furthermore a top-of-the-line alternative for admirers.

7x7 Tent Canopy

This is an 7 x7 Tent Canopy that can be attached to a backpack or bag, it is adjustable to tailor a portable carry bag in an open or closed position. The Canopy can be accessed from the interior of the Tent as a shelter, and it offers an earthen floor surface that helps to keep the Canopy standing up, the Canopy provides a white color and is produced of durable materials. This beach Tent offers a modern design and is outstanding for a day at the beach, the sand anchor system makes it effortless to set up and the sunshade makes it feel cool and the 7 x7 Canopy is top-of-the-heap for a summer lawn party or picnic. The sides have ridges that give it an 7 x7 premium fabric design, it is portable and facile to set up, even for a first time picnic player. The anti-uv protection will keep your summer lawn free of light and heat, this 7 x7 ft slant leg pop-up Canopy Tent is an adjustable portable shelter that can be configured in seven different sizes. The blue color is prime for any home or office, this Tent is moreover an excellent way for admirers who yearn to stay warm or get shelter from the weather.