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Canopy Screen Walls

If you're having trouble getting your tent to itself, the Canopy Screen Walls will help! These Walls replace the Screen Walls that came on top of the tent, they're an 10 x10 ft size, so everything looks just as it did before! They're made of sturdy materials, and will help keep your tent in place.

Screen Canopy

The Screen Canopy is an ideal solution for tent Walls that are not achievable or warily, the Screen is uncomplicated to set up and is very decorative. It can be used in an 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 configuration, the panels are resistant to tear and can be used as a zippered wall panels for tent walls. The panels are also resistant to stress and weathering, this 10 x10 Canopy Screen kit will provide your house mesh Screen with 4 Canopy sidewalls. The kit comes with top-rated Walls and a discount off the price of the tent gazebo house mesh screen, this will make your tent gazebo more of a home and make it more appealing to guests. This 10 x10 Canopy can be used with accessories like a canopies and pack slants, the Screen can be attached to a wall or wallboard with some fastening features like phillips screws or velcro. The Screen is lightweight and can be attached in a few minutes with a tap on the shoulder, the 10 x10 Canopy can accommodate a floor space up to 50 ft2 in size. This mesh wall kit is unequaled for 10 x10 it can be used to cover an area from 60 to 100 x60 feet, and gives a slant leg shade wall Screen ability of 100 to 120 degrees, it also includes a pack slip shade wall Screen ability of 100 to 120 degrees. This kit is excellent for adding a bit of protection for the tent from the sun and wind.