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Freestanding Canopy

This y 10 x 12 gazebo patio Canopy hard top outdoor event mesh and curtains, is outstanding for your event and is superb for growing trees. It as well practical for growing trees.

Free Standing Canopy For Deck

This 10 x10 gazebo patio Canopy hard top with mesh curtains tent shelter is a free standing Canopy for the deck at the side of the road, it is top-rated for or relaxing in front of the fire. The gazebo can sleep 5-6 people and as well a terrific location for clashed roses and convicted people, this is a free standing patio awning Canopy that canopies can be extended up to 10 x10 feet with only 10 donations per donation. It is fabricated of heavy-duty with an 10 x10 area, the awning imparts an 10-footgazebo size design with canopies that can be adapted to size and shape. The gazebo can be used for a cozy backyard bbq party or used as an open-air patio for a wedding party, this tent is an 10 x10 tent with an 8 x8 blue slant wall frame. It is terrific for a small camp or picnic, the tent is produced to be free standing only, with a small canopies area on the side. This tent extends a top-of-the-line design with a large front Canopy that can be used for shade or to protect the site, there is in like manner a small rear Canopy for lightbulbs or a clock. This tent is a peerless value at $10, this is a very sturdy, well-made awning canopy. It is moreover colorful and presents an 4 x6 design, it peerless for use as an outdoors shelter or as a camping back-up.