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King Canopy 20x20

King Canopy 20 x20 event tent is a top solution for any event, with its 20 x20 size, it can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably. The white cover gives the tent a sleek look and makes it basic to clean.

Cheap King Canopy 20x20

This 20 x20"-diameter event tent is produced of white cover material and will fit 20 people, it can accommodate up to 20 people in 20 lines. The tent can hold 20 people and will allow for an 20 x20'-long line, there is a keyhole at the top of the tent to add a light. The tent can be set up in 5 minutes, King Canopy options are available. The King Canopy 20 x20 tent is a top-of-the-line substitute to add a little bit of atmosphere to your event, the tent can accommodate 20 people and offers an 20 x20 cm white cover. This tent is outstanding for a small event or a main show, the King Canopy 20 x20 is an 20 x20 tent that is excellent for an event. It is white cover with 20 x20 emirates logo on it, it is outstanding for selling or events with 20-40 people. The King Canopy 20 x20 is a professional event tent with 20 x20 feet of tent fabric, it is manufactured to accommodate up to 20 people and provides a white cover to protect you from lightning. The Canopy also gives an 30-inchoots of weight capacity and an 4-inch diameter spindles on its 15-inch sides, this tent is top-grade for events with large crowds or for protecting people from lightning.