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Ozark Trail 6' X 6' Instant Sport Canopy

Our Ozark Trail 6 x6 Instant tent is sterling for the most involved parts of your outdoor camping shelter, with its 6 feet of add-on sleeping space and its top post for a system, this tent is first-class for suitors who yearn for the best living space for their needs. Our Ozark Trail 6 x6 Instant Sport Canopy imparts a high top hub and a low hub, it is manufactured of durable materials that will stand up to most weather conditions.

Ozark Trail 6' X 6' Instant Sport Canopy Walmart

This 6' X 6' Instant Sport Canopy peerless for outdoor camping and will protect you and your loved ones when the sun shines, it grants a comfortable fit and features a zippered bag door for ease of carry. The Instant Sport Canopy as well make to be an excellent source of shelter for your family, this tent is sensational for all your outdoor needs and is unrivalled for all your camping needs. This tan and white tent Canopy is top-of-the-line for your next outdoor camping shelter event, with an 6 x6 inch Instant Sport canopy, you'll be able to suit up to 40 people for a large and comfortable meal-to- test. This Canopy is further splendid for night camping and will provide a shadowy feel to your environment, with a made of breathable cotton fabric and a built in pole for a handle, this tent is uncomplicated to take on the go. This 6 x6 Instant Sport Canopy is top-notch for outdoor camping and are used in the Ozark trail, it is a top addition to party campers area. This Canopy is fabricated of durable materials and can be easily broken in and out of its "zero gravity" position, our Ozark tent is prime for admirers who wish to the action at camp. With its Instant Sport Canopy it will provide a good amount of shade and create a workable space for large groups, our tent is conjointly made to be an outdoor camping shelter. With its low profile you will be basic to find when needed and the quick convertable fabric means that it can be easily packed and leave for the next group.